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How do I clean granite countertops?

To keep granite countertops clean, use a microfiber cloth to dust off countertop surfaces. Wipe down the granite countertops daily and as needed using water. Once a week, wipe down with a damp cloth and a stone cleaner formulated with a neutral pH. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. They can scratch, pit, and etch the surface of the stone.

Give us a call at 952-882-1600 if you have specific questions about your granite counters or fill out our inquiry form.

Granite countertop maintenance:

Reseal the countertops when water splashed on the surface no longer beads up. If there are stains or damage, contact a stone-care professional for repair.

How often should I re-seal my granite counters?

Frequency of granite sealer re-application really depends on four variables:

  • The absorption rate of your stone (porous or dense)
  • The type and quality of granite sealer used
  • How well the initial sealer was applied
  • Products used for cleaning granite countertops (common household cleaners are too harsh and will degrade the sealer)

Light colored granites and un-polished (honed, tumbled) softer stones such as marble, some travertine and limestone and onyx may need sealing every 1-3 years.

Dark colored granites as noted in the greens, browns, blues and blacks can be sealed less frequently: every 3-5+ years or not at all. But remember, it depends on your particular stone and sealant, so be sure test a sample.

All sealers are not equal and a few are able to protect your countertops for 10 to 15 years when properly maintained. Our lifetime guaranteed sealer will last for the duration of the life of the granite, about 15 years. Contact us for details.