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Our Buying Process

1. Project Overview & Drawing

Whether you want to get a quote through our site or visit us at our showroom, we recommend organizing the following information to help streamline your information gathering process. We want you to get your updated granite countertops into your kitchen or bathroom as quick as possible. Here is what we need to know:

We will need:

  • A cabinet drawing, floor layout, or even a hand drawn, birds eye view picture of your space with the dimensions – the square footage of the counter space is the most important piece in order to properly quote your granite countertop project. Please bring this with you when you stop by our showroom in Burnsville or attach the document when you complete our quote form.

Begin to consider:

  • Are you planning on matching your granite countertop with a matching backsplash or will you be adding tiling to accent the granite? (See examples below)
  • Do you need us to help you remove and dispose of your old countertops?
  • What edging finish options are you considering?
  • Would you like our help in selecting a sink to match your new granite countertops?
  • Have you narrowed down your granite color options? For examples of our selection of colors, view our granite colors.    


2. Selecting Stone, Edging and Sink

After you receive your project quote, we recommend you coming in to our showroom for the next, if you're not already here. We'll you a tour to see how the granite is cut, how the slab is transported to your house and you can see granite samples, edging samples and sink samples. We will help answer any question you have about granite selection, colors and pricing and will help you decide at this point what edge the granite should have and what sink will fit your needs.

Once these decisions have been made, we will schedule your project with our installation team and create an invoice. We will then send you to one of our 10 granite importers to hand-select your granite slab. At the importer, you will be able to view the granite slabs and hand-pick the specific slab used for your new countertops. The importer will put the slab on hold, and we will deal with the exchange of money and delivery with the importer.

3. Visiting Home for Measurement

The next step is to visit your home and complete precise measurements of your counterspace including templates of the holes needed for appliances. This will help us prepare to make the cuts in the granite for your counters.

Once the measurements are complete, we ask you to come in to our Burnsville showroom again. We will lay out the granite slab and the template for your counters and you can decide what unique fissures, veining or coloring of your granite should be featured in the different counters of your kitchen or bathroom. We take this step to allow you additional control and decision with your new countertops.

4. Installing Granite

Once you have confirmed the template layout on your granite slab, we will perform the cuts and edging finish on your granite counters. Then your counters will be ready for installation.

We highly recommend the customer be home during the installation process in case our installers have any questions. You'll need to have your new faucet at installation so the granite installers can drill holes for it. Also, your payment for the project is due at the time of installation.

Although your granite had a sealer on it from the importer, once the granite counter is installed we will seal the counters again depending on what sealant you have decided on. Then the counters are all yours to use!

Installation Video

Backsplash Options


stone tile backsplash

Stone Tile Backsplash


glass & ceramic tile backsplash

Glass & Ceramic Tile Backsplash


full granite backsplash

Full Granite Backsplash


short granite backsplash

Short Granite Backsplash