The Best Way to Clean Granite Countertops

Cleaning Granite CountertopNatural stone like granite is among the most durable surfaces you can choose for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Because of this reputation for durability, many people mistakenly believe that any household surface cleaner will effectively clean granite without harming the stone. The reality is there are many cleaning chemicals that should never be used on granite. Here are some tips to ensure your countertop is effectively cleaned without harming the surface.

Daily Cleaning of Granite

For general cleaning there’s no need for special granite cleaning products. Simply use a damp sponge with a little mild dish soap. Be sure to use a soft sponge or microfiber cleaning cloth and never a scrubbing sponge or scouring pad which can leave fine scratches and dull the surface. Use circular motions to clean the entire surface. After rinsing the soap off with the sponge thoroughly dry the countertop with a clean microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Solutions to Avoid

The list of cleaners to avoid includes pretty much everything not mentioned above, with the exception of products that are specifically made for cleaning granite. Bleach, vinegar, glass cleaners, citrus cleaners, and all-purpose spray cleaners are too harsh for granite and should be avoided. If you have a stain that you are unable to remove, contact All American Granite. We may be able to remove the stain for you.

The Importance of Granite Sealing

The key to protecting the finish of your granite surfaces and making cleanups fast and simple is to ensure that a granite sealer is reapplied when the surface if the original sealer has worn off. A quality granite sealer is the best protection from etching and staining.

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