Edge Options

Once you’ve chosen your countertop material you’ll need to determine which edge is best for the space and design. From traditional to contemporary, the edge can be both functional and beautiful. Some options will even highlight the veining and fissures in your stone.

All American Design Tip

Don’t make an edge selection without seeing them in person in our showroom. They take on a whole new look when cut in to stone.

Here are the most common profiles we offer at All American Granite.

Straight Edge

This contemporary edge option has a hard, modern look. We slightly round the top and bottom edges for a smooth-to-the-touch finish. It looks great on thick or thin slabs.

Quarter Round-over

Quarter Round-over
The top is rounded approximately ¼” of the thickness of the stone. The bottom is squared off. This is a very soft look. The minor detail of the quarter round-over will have a great impact on your space.

Quarter Bevel EdgeQuarter Bevel
The profile is chosen when you want to make a statement. While it’s not for everyone, it creates a hard edge seen in contemporary kitchens. It creates shape without the look of the rounded edge. It would look great in any kitchen or vanity.

Half Bevel Edge

Half Bevel
The half bevel can really make a statement. The thickness of the bevel allows for a great view of the beautiful veining and fissures inside your stone. If feels great to the touch and would work well in both a contemporary or traditional setting.

Bullnose Edge

Bull Nose
One of the most popular choices, the bull nose or full bull nose rounds both the top and bottom edges for a soft, inviting profile. It’s a timeless classic choice that will look great for years to come.

Half Bullnose Edge

Half Bull Nose
This edge rounds only the top of the slab leaving the bottom flat. A half bull nose highlights the thickness of the slab and is a great edge profile to show off veining and fissures.

Ogee Edge

This edge selection features a double s-shaped profile and dramatic bottom flair. Ogee is an elegant profile seen in traditional kitchens and vanities.

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