HanStone Quartz Buyer’s Guide

Hanstone Calcatta Gold Quartz

In the quartz universe, HanStone Quartz is esteemed for its resilience, beauty, and the artful way it complements any space. This has made HanStone Quartz a go-to choice for Twin Cities area homeowners and designers alike. All American Granite has put together this comprehensive guide to explore the brand’s quality, origin, pricing, popular color options, and comparable brands, ensuring you have all the information you need in your search for the best quartz for your project.

Hanstone Calcatta Gold Quartz

Is HanStone Quartz High Quality?

Absolutely! HanStone Quartz is celebrated for its outstanding quality and durability. Manufactured using a combination of natural quartz (one of the hardest minerals on earth) and high-quality polymer resins and pigments, HanStone Quartz surfaces are non-porous, resistant to stains, scratches, and bacteria. This makes them an ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops, where both beauty and functionality are paramount.

Where Is HanStone Quartz Made?

Pridefully crafted in North America, HanStone Quartz is a testament to superior craftsmanship with a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. The brand’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures each slab meets rigorous quality standards while emphasizing sustainable practices. This regional production not only underscores HanStone’s commitment to quality but also allows for reduced shipping distances, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

How Thick Is HanStone Quartz?

HanStone Quartz offers versatility in thickness to cater to various design and installation requirements. Typically, slabs are available in thicknesses of 2cm (about ¾ inch) and 3cm (about 1 ¼ inches). These options provide flexibility for different applications, whether it’s a sleek, modern kitchen countertop or a stately bathroom vanity.

Is HanStone Expensive?

When it comes to pricing, HanStone Quartz is positioned as a mid to high-range product. The cost is influenced by several factors, including color, thickness, and availability. While HanStone may be pricier than some alternatives, its superior quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal present a valuable investment for any home, offering beauty and functionality that lasts.

Popular HanStone Quartz Colors

HanStone Quartz offers a pleasing palette of elegant colors, from understated neutrals to bold hues, designed to complement any discriminating interior style. Let’s spotlight a few of our customer’s favorites:

Hanstone Strato QuartzStrato

Strato boasts a versatile, mid-tone gray base with soft, white veining that adds depth and dimension. This color exudes a contemporary vibe, making it perfect for modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Hanstone Tranquility QuartzTranquility

As its name suggests, Tranquility is all about serene beauty. With a white base and subtle gray veining, it captures the look of natural marble, adding an element of luxury and timeless elegance to any space.

Hanstone Montauk QuartzMontauk

Montauk features a unique blend of warm and cool tones, with a soft, taupe base interlaced with delicate, white veins. This versatile color is an ideal choice for creating a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance.

Hanstone Matterhorn-QuartzMatterhorn

Inspired by the majestic mountain it’s named after, Matterhorn presents a striking white base with bold, dark veining. This dramatic color makes a statement, perfect for a focal point in any room.

Similar Quartz Brands

While HanStone Quartz stands out for its quality and beauty, other quartz brands offer similar attributes. Brands like Viatera and Silestone are also renowned for their durable, non-porous quartz surfaces available in a myriad of colors and patterns. When choosing the right quartz brand for your home, consider factors such as color selection, price point, and warranty offerings. See our Quartz brand Comparison.

Twin Cities HanStone Quartz Showroom

Visit All American Granite’s Burnsville showroom to experience HanStone Quartz in person to discover its unrivaled combination of durability, beauty, and versatility. Whether you’re drawn to the serene beauty of Tranquility or the drama of Matterhorn, there’s a HanStone color to fulfill every design dream.

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