The Art of Matching Countertops with Stone Backsplashes

Choosing a Stone Backsplash

Choosing a Stone Backsplash

Adding natural stone backsplashes to your kitchen not only improves functionality, it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. Harmonizing countertops with stone backsplashes is essential step in designing a kitchen, whether you’re renovating your kitchen or just looking for a refresh, the right combination of countertops and backsplashes is essential for success design.

In this post, the design consultants at All American Granite will explore choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen.

Understanding Color Coordination

Harmonizing or Contrasting?

A harmonizing backsplash complements the primary colors in your countertops. For a granite countertop with flecks of burgundy, consider a backsplash with subtle burgundy veins.

For a bold statement, select a backsplash that contrasts with your countertop. A dark soapstone counter can be dramatically offset by a light marble backsplash.

Neutral Territory

Neutral colors are a safe and versatile choice. Beiges, creams, and light grays in natural stone can work with almost any countertop color.

Textural Play

Smooth vs. Rough

Combining textures can create a pleasing aesthetic.  If your countertop is glossy, a backsplash with a rough texture can add depth. Conversely, a smooth, polished backsplash can complement a leathered countertop surface.

Pattern Dynamics

Veining and patterns are one of the features that make stone such a compelling material. Pay attention to the patterns in your stone. A countertop with minimal veining often pairs well with a busier backsplash pattern and vice versa.

Material Matters

Mixing Materials

Combining different stones together is an often overlooked aspect of design. Don’t be afraid to mix materials. A quartz countertop can look stunning against a marble backsplash or vice-versa. The key is to maintain color harmony.

Consistency in Material

Using the same stone for both countertops and backsplashes but in different finishes (e.g., leathered or honed vs. polished) can create an elegant, cohesive look.

Style Considerations

Traditional vs. Modern

If your taste lean towards the traditional, consider classic materials like granite or marble. For a contemporary space, sleek options like quartz or minimalistic soapstone work well.

Custom Cuts and Shapes

Think beyond monolithic slabs or square tiles. Unique shapes like hexagons, chevrons, or custom mosaic backsplashes can become focal points in your kitchen.

Practical Tips


Natural stone can vary widely in price. Set a budget early and consider mixing high-end options with more affordable choices.


As its name implies, a backsplash is going to attract all the messiness behind a stove, sink or work station. Some stones require more maintenance than others. If low maintenance is a priority, consider easy-to-clean Options like engineered stone backsplashes that do not require sealing.

Ask the Pros At All American Granite

Matching countertops with stone backsplashes is an art that requires a balance of color, texture, material, and style. The experienced design consultant at All American Granite can guide you through the process by helping you consider the elements of successful design so you can create a harmonious and inviting kitchen that reflects your personal taste and enhances your home’s overall aesthetic.

Experience the beauty of natural stone in person at our Burnsville showroom.

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